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Our New Home + Update

Joe Getz

Finally, we have a home. Kurant proudly announces that it will be joining forces with those crazy gorillas over at Round Guys Brewing Company to offer the best craft ciders alongside RGBC’s brilliantly crafted beers! Located and produced at the brewpub in Lansdale, Kurant Cider plans to offer multiple draft lines of our flagship and specialty ciders along with bottles for immediate take out. In addition, don’t have be a square –grab one of our awesome t-shirts, stickers, or anything else we slap a logo on while stopping in at the brewpub!  Take note, we plan to be distributing in Philadelphia 5 county area as soon as possible. So tell your friends and empower your barkeeps!

On a more serious note, we couldn't be more excited about joining forces with Round Guys. They have been a tremendous help in our process since the very beginning.  With their support and our technical knowledge, we  intend to create a collaborative environment to inspire the Kurant cidermakers and the Round Guys brewers to push the very limits of their respective beverages. Check your emails and keep an eye on our social media as we shall be announcing a date for previewing delicous Kurant ciders at the Round Guys Brewpub. Stay tuned, we'll have a number of ciders on draft for the first time ever.  To aid in your life scheduling, we plan to conquer the region starting January of 2015. Tell your friends! Tell your barkeeps! Kurant is coming!

It's been a long road for us to get to this point and we appreciate all the help and motivation we've received over the last few months. Without the gracious support of all of our friends, family, and most importantly, you, our loyal Kurant fans, we wouldn't have been able to make any of this possible. A huge thanks to everybody who's followed us on our journey so far. The wait is over...