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435 Doylestown Rd
Montgomeryville, PA



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We're on our way...

Joe Getz

The Kurant team currently consists of myself, Joe Getz, and my partner Kevin Tuetken.  We've both been making hard ciders for years.  Fermentation has been a large part of our lives for a long time.  I've been homebrewing beers for 7 years and making ciders for 4 years.  Kevin has been making ciders a bit longer than myself.  Late in 2013 we teamed up and started Kurant.  A hard cidery focussed on delivering a fresh and unique product to a quickly growing market.  Our aim is to fill a cider void in the blossoming craft beverage marketplace.  We will produce both traditional dry, off-dry, and semi-sweet ciders along with some interesting twists you may not have come across before.  We are sourcing our base cider from a local supplier in Southeastern Pennsylvania in an attempt to keep Kurant a local product ensuring we put the freshest product out in the market.  

Kevin and I are both extremely excited about Kurant and our passion shines through into the product.  We've poured countless hours into the planning, building, and creation of Kurant.  It's not easy to start a small business.  You have to be the perfect balance of dedicated, knowledgeable, and crazy to get off the ground.  We feel we have something special to offer the market and more than anything else, we're excited to get our product in your hands.  Without dedicated customers seeking out the best the market has to offer, all our efforts would be pointless.  We exist solely because of you, the consumer, and we'll stop at nothing to make your Kurant experience one you'll want to enjoy over and over.  

Check back for updates regarding when and where Kurant will be available.  We still have a few hurdles to jump over, but we get a little closer every day to opening our doors.  If you have feedback, comments, questions, or think you can help us out in any way, please use the form on our Contact Us page to get in touch.

- Joe Getz