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Test Batches...

Joe Getz

The Kurant Team has been hard at work coming up with new and exciting flavor concepts.  We're working on experimenting with flavors not traditionally found in hard ciders.  Our goal is to offer a completely new cider experience which will appeal to traditional cider fans and draw new customers into the fold as cider enthusiasts.  Most of the team has been brewing beer, winemaking, and crafting hard ciders for years.  We have a pretty solid grasp on blending and flavor profiles to please your palate.  In a traditional cider you'll find straight cider, fruit blends, or spiced ciders.  We're not looking to completely shatter the mold.  Instead we're on a mission to offer new combinations.  We're testing fruits such as pomegranate, pear, mango, passion fruit, cherry, and a few others.  In addition to the fruit blends we're testing with herbs and spices such as mint, honeysuckle, lavender, thyme, and basil.  We've very excited about these non-traditional offerings and so far we're very pleased with the results.  Of course with any testing, not everything has been a homerun...

We'd love to hear from you any interesting ideas for blends!  Submit your ideas and if we end up producing one of your concepts there just might be a surprise for you.  Submit your ideas here or send us a Tweet to @KurantCider!

- Joe Getz