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A Brief word about our ciders:

All of our ciders are crafted with inspiration from traditional French, English, and Spanish ciders.  They have more similarities with white wines than they share with most American ciders.  We aim to set ourselves apart from the crowd.  Our ciders are ultra dry and unfiltered with a touch of American farmhouse character.

All of the ciders listed below are currently available on draft at local establishments.  We update the available cider list as we release new ciders and as the seasons change.  Check back to see the latest offerings.

All of our ciders are GLUTEN FREE.


Bees is an off-dry cider sweetened with locally sourced, responsibly harvested honey.  The addition of honey adds just a touch of sweetness.  The honey comes through in the nose of the cider and continues all the way through to the finish.  On top of the white wine like qualities of the cider, the honey adds a light floral character creating depth.  If you like off-dry, German white wines you will want to try Bees.

PAIRINGS:  Spicy Tacos, Sushi, Grilled Steak       ABV:  5.8%       SWEETNESS:  Off-Dry / Semi-Sweet


We take a crisp blend of fermented apple juice and dry hop it just before packaging using 100% Mosaic hops sourced from the western United States.  The Mosaic hops add a light citrus and melon character on top of the crisp notes found in the juice blend.  The hop character is light and not overpowering.  By using a dry hopping technique, only the hop flavor and aromas are infused into the cider.  Don't be afraid to try Earth even if you aren't usually a hop head.

PAIRINGS:  Grilled White Fish, Sauteed Shrimp, Pulled Pork       ABV:  5.8%       SWEETNESS:  Dry


Perfect for those hot summer days, Lunar is a Belgian inspired cider.  We ferment this cider with a classic ale yeast and then spice it with coriander and sweet orange peel to give it that classic summer taste.  Enjoy this on its own or garnish with an orange slice.  

PAIRINGS:  Wood Fire Pizza, Steamed Prawns, Braised Lamb ABV:  5.5%       SWEETNESS:  Dry